Monday, November 28, 2005

Fall Finale?

For anyone who has been following the hit Fox television series Prisonbreak on Monday nights, all I have to say is: What the crap was that?

First The Brutzi gets slashed, and now this? More episodes in March? Do I dare withdraw my support in response to such a ridiculous stunt? I must say, my interest is fading somewhat, partly in lieu of the upcoming opening of 24 season, hollaback boys, FIVE!!!

The emotional ante was racheted up, only to tumble with a series of oh-come-on moments: nice-guy-Secret-Service-agent-turned-informant is shot in the head as if he didn't know what was coming; he was committed enough to meet in the dark with the ball-breaking evidence but not to defend himself against his proven psycho of a pal? Death row inmate left alone in the infirmary? Not to mention the dangling story lines that will be all but forgotten come spring--vanilla ice and his burger pact with Bellicek, budding romance between Mike and Doctor Feel Good. And what ever happened to the warden?

OK, so part of me is complaining because they didn't fulfill my conditioned expectations, but I think it's my right to expect such from a show like this. This isn't British comedy. It's artsy American bloodlust. I want to see people darting out of the shadows and tackling the guy with the gun. I want someone, after so many brilliant ideas, to have a little gumption and find one when it counts, when you're trapped in the supply room under a frickin' pipe. And please, for the love of all that is beautiful in this world, won't someone kick T-Bags around a bit? The guy weighs less than a wet towel.

See you in March? We'll see. We'll see.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

He kicked the hell out of death.

One of the coolest lines. It just came at the perfect time in a perfect poem by James Dewey.

Reading on Friday now in the past. What fun. I think my favorite part was the "panel discussion" at the end where we sat up there and answered questions--questions that made it seem like we had way more experience and expertise than any of us could claim. But it was great. Sarah and James were articulate and mesmerizing. I think I did OK. I rushed it at the end. In some ways I think poetry is better suited for public readings. It seems more rooted in sound, and the immovable details of language. Not that prose can't be either of those things, maybe just not mine. Even I felt myself getting bogged down in some of the scenes, and I was reading them. I need to work on my delivery. A little more drama eh! That's the spirit.

So, out of 40 students in the two classes I teach, only one showed up. Wah wah wah (in descending pitch). So, I know I'll be giving out at least one A this semester.

After dining last night with DT, BruceJ, and Johnny B, I've decided that I have no qualms about spending my life as a professorial-type person. These guys have it easy. It was fun. Although I don't want him on my comittee, I would like to have DT in a bottle. I would pop it open anytime I needed a laugh. The patriarch of the English department is one giant, walking wisecrack. But he's got a definite tender spot too, especially for little humans.

Saturday calls.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Untitled (Blog)

Well, the masses are seething with anticipation. What? Another blog? Yes, I know you hunger. Patience my babies. Patience.

I have been furiously assembling a rough cut of a radio documentary for my one and only class this semester. You would think that with one measly class, just one, I could avoid the night before syndrome. But it is, apparently, when I do my best work. So, after I pin that down, win an ultimate frisbee championship tonight, and put my ducks in line with the Scrivener, it will be happy time for a few days. And happy time is blog time. Sometimes. With time. Shut up Joe.

So, here's the calendar, as if anyone reading this isn't either directly involved or already in the know:

Tonight, Wednesday, 6:00 pm, Stadium fields, ultimate frisbee division III championship game, Sneaky Mormons vs. Counterfeit Foodstamps, round one. The air will be electric, you will be able to see your own breath, as well as steam coming off my head.

Friday, 12 noon, HBLL Auditorium (1st floor near Special Collections), I am part of the English Department weekly reading series, this week featuring graduate students, namely myself and two very talented poets, Sarah Jenkins and James Dewey. I can't say it will be stunning (my part that is), but I will be dressed nicely and you may even get to see me get nervous. A round of Cokes for everyone if I pass out.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Time for a list.

OK. This is going to sound stupid, but I've been trying to cut back on the treats lately. For me, "cookies-and-cakes" is somewhere around the middle of the food pyramid. As I was sitting in front of the TV tonight, thinking about how we have nothing with enough sugar to slake my gnarly sweet tooth, I started thinking about ice cream, and the place in Santa Cruz that has like 50 flavors of their own design including cantelope and marshmallow. Here are the five worst flavors of ice cream I can imagine:

1. Vegemite. This could kill a grown man in under 15 seconds.
2. Pepper and Squash. One of the worst things I ever had on my mission was a bowl of squash with hot milk and pepper, as in black pepper. I'm sure the frozen version isn't any better.
3. Basil. It might work for mint, but not for this leafy little herb. Maybe with a bowl of pasta.
4. Sausage. OK, this is getting too easy.
5. Apple. I'm not sure about this one, but I do think it's rather suspicious that no one's ever heard of it. Almost every other delicious fruit has been sorbeted (made into a sorbet). But not apple. hmmmm...I don't trust it.

On the other hand, it could be really good. Apples and cream. Cold, apple-y creamy custard-like spoonfuls.

Dammit, my appetite is coming back.