Monday, April 23, 2007

RJ's Top Ten Two-year-old Things To Say

10. "Daddy go peepee on the potty?" (This is not a request for me to go peepee on the potty.)

9. "Ehwanam some milk."

8. "Ohhhh soooo preeetty."

7. "Daddy do it?"

6. "No hanks." (As in "no thanks.")

5. "M'kaaay." (Think the school counselor in South Park.)

4. "Mmm watch a videeeo?"

3. "Zzzzzzip!"

2. "Bye-bye." (Said in a low whisper when you put her down to sleep. I've been trying to get her to say "Nigh-night Dada," but she insists on doing this little half smile and whispering, "bye-bye." Kind of creepy.)

1. Sorry. So cliche. You guessed it, the answer to any and every request: "Noo!"