Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's a poem, son.

I recently put a poem in the latest online issue of Anti-Poetry. One of my favorite online poetry mags, and it's legit. The poem, truth be told, is kind of a departure from my usual haunts. But I like it, and happily someone else did too. Check it out the poem and bio here and then stay and poke around a little bit:


Dolphinsbarn said...

Love it. The only thing I would have added was some bill-goat soul... just a dash or two. :)

This really was great. Your poetry always is. Nothing but the best for you JP.

Now, leave me alone. I'm headed back for a second read ("yes, I said trotting"... awesome). Gotta see if I can drink more of that in.

Robin said...

OK. I'll check it out.

Robin said...

I had to slow down and read it twice because I didn't want to miss too much. I think I need to read it again. and again.

I think you are brilliant. post more.

davers said...

Very nice. I calls me to take another reading or two.

Nice Bio too ... and yes: Down with poetry about self-mutilation. I am incidentally em-dashes incarnate, and so I'm quite happy to learn of your em-dash tolerance. I'm also all about poetry exploring cancerous growths on the soul.

Emily said...

"I, too, dislike it."

(inside joke, I'm not talking about the poem.)


Sally said...

I liked it. I read it many times.

It's about baby diapers, right?


Les said...

Joe, you amaze me. This is so quality. Thanks for sharing.

"and you and me, a part of me, and then some more of me but not all"

truly marvelous.

Jeff said...

Loved your poem. You should write one about farm animals.

Joe said...

I think you should be the national poet laureate.